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Roadtrip - first try in english

Hey again! Wow, I'm here since one and a half week now and I don't know where to start to share my experiences with you. I try to do it chronologic. After my first days in Sydney Central i went to the famous Bondi Beach to find there a place to sleep for the next three days. It worked very well so I checked in at the "Surfside Bondi Hostel" 200 Meter away from the beach - nice little one which was controled by four young (and most of the time a bit drunk) girls who didn't came out of their backpacker-beach-life. So i think you can imagine the relaxed atmosphare there I spend my days at the beach, my envenings in a little Bar/Restaurant and my Nights back at the beatch (but that time with a little Drink). At the beginning i felt a little bit lost because to arrive alone in this big city on the other side of the world feels a bit weird and everyone around you is travelling with some friends or at least already found a group of kindred spirit. But you get in to it and to know some other people gets so fast, so i didn't take long and I got to know Lars from Holland who was about to buy a car and drive down to Melbourne. I helped im by looking for a car, we found a good one very fast and now we're on a roadtrip down to the south. We first went to the Blue Mountains for one night then started our 1046 km journey to Melbourne along the coast including the "great pacific road". We're now on the road since 4 days with a lot of stops at some nice beaches,harbours and viewing points. I'm sure that in this three/four days i saw as much impressing places as in the last 19 years before. Okay - that's maybe a bit overstated but it realy feels like that. I try to add as much pictures as possible (which could be a bit difficult cause of low internet reach out here) so you'll see what I'm talking about. Except looking around at nice spots we live a typical roadtrip/camping life where you have a lot of time with yourself and some deep thoughts, easy meals (I try to keep the standart up by adding some carlig, spices etc but Lars just add mayonaise and Ketchup when i finished cooking, but who can blame him - he's from Holland) and kicking a ball a bit. I must come to an end - breakfeast is finished and it's my turn to clean the dishes. Love and greets to my family - we keep in touch! Cheers mate! *australienvoice
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